The Employee Representative Motto: Power in Numbers

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Across the state, employee representative groups are working together to resolve complicated issues.

Discussion among employee representatives at UT Knoxville revealed that many employees did not know what to do in case of an accident or wreck in a UT vehicle. They approached Motor Pool about including instructions in all vehicles. The idea was a good one, but the approval process involved many steps.

Working together with colleagues and administrators, all UT vehicles now contain instructions. “We were very pleased with the resolution,” said Melissa Ashburn, former chair of the Knox-Area Exempt Staff Council.

Melissa Ashburn
Melissa Ashburn

Working through employee representative groups with issues and questions helps employees save time and the frustration of not knowing who to approach for answers.

“As a group, we’re able to have more voices for the employees who may have a concern,” said Laura Horton, chair of UT Space Institute’s Employee Relations Committee. “There are also more people to do the work to make change happen.”

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