It’s More Than a Job

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For Fonda Fracchia, It’s About Helping Employees


Fonda Fracchia hit the ground running in 2006 when she was hired as assistant director for fitness and wellness at the UT Health Science Center. She immediately started consulting with the campus Human Resources department to start the Stress Management Support Group.

“I always knew that stress management was an area of wellness,” Fracchia said. “We had a lot of employees here who were complaining of burn out, so I pitched the idea to HR, and they said, ‘Let’s do it!’”

The Stress Management Support Group is a semester-long process in which members can learn techniques to overcome workplace or personal stress.

“Sometimes, your general person doesn’t understand that their headaches or stomach ulcers might be related to stress,” Fracchia explained.

While it’s only one part of her job, the support group makes work rewarding.

“For me, it’s having a real sense of purpose,” Fracchia said. “I’m here for a bigger reason than just getting a paycheck and teaching some fitness classes. Knowing that I’ve helped someone achieve a wellness lifestyle – that’s what it’s all about.”


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