The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

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Chandra West-Alston is always looking for opportunities to learn. These opportunities have led her to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center more than once.

West-Alston is assistant dean for administration in the College of Allied Health Sciences. Currently, she also is serving as interim in the same position for the College of Nursing.

West-Alston began her career at UTHSC in 1999 as a computer trainer. After two years, she left to join the private sector in search of further training and knowledge. “I wanted a deeper understanding of the instructional design process and how technology could be used to impact learning,” West-Alston said.

After a year of developing new skills in the private sector, an opportunity in training opened at UTHSC. West-Alston did not hesitate to return to her former workplace.

“UTHSC is a family atmosphere with deep human connections,” West-Alston said. “Not to mention, we are doing some incredible teaching, research and service. I wanted to take the things I learned in my year away and contribute to the Health Science Center mission.”