Make the Most of UT Benefits

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Elaine Morrisey

After taking advantage of an employee benefit, Elaine Morrisey, of the Institute for Public Service, gained a new outlook on life.

Morrisey decided to obtain a Certified Professional Secretary Certification, a benefit put in place by the University of Tennessee for secretaries and administrative assistants to increase their knowledge.

Attending the classes and studying for the test made Morrisey enjoy learning new things, and she became more confident on the job.

Passing the test gave Morrisey a sense of accomplishment, and changed the way she looked at herself and her job. In addition to giving her a more positive outlook on life, getting the certification also gave her a boost in pay.

“I’m very happy the university offers this benefit because it helps you in your job,” Morrisey said. “I realized if I could do this I can do anything I put my mind to. Becoming a Certified Professional Secretary really opened my eyes, and I’m so happy I came here to work because of it.”