Make the Most of UT Benefits

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Steven Hood

In his seven-year career at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Steven Hood has learned to take advantage of and to appreciate his employee benefits.

By using the tuition waiver, Hood, the assistant vice chancellor for student housing, received a doctorate degree as an employee.

Hood knew that his advancement options would be limited without a terminal degree. This benefit not only allowed Hood to continue his education, but also possibly open doors for him in the future.

To Hood, the value of his education is so tremendous that he has an even greater desire to help make the university a better place for student learning and a more desirable place to work.

“As I continue to learn and grow professionally, it is my hope that other opportunities will be available so that I may continue to contribute to this university,” Hood said.

“Having this benefit has saved me approximately $30,000 in tuition fees, not to mention the opportunities that I have now and will have in the future. It is truly a great benefit that we have in the UT System.”