Make the Most of UT Benefits

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Janie Hall

University of Tennessee Health Science Center employee Janie Hall thinks UT’s employee benefits are unbeatable.

Hall’s husband needed a liver transplant and required extensive hospitalization before and after the procedure. In the face of this stressful situation, Hall was able to use her sick leave to take time off from work to be with her husband during his critical illness.

He was in and out of ICU, and she was told twice that he might not survive much longer without a liver. Hall was able to spend what may have been her husband’s last days by his side without having to worry about her income.

“I have been extremely grateful for the support I received from my supervisor and from the University,” Hall said. “Not only was I able to utilize my sick leave benefit to continue my employment and payroll, but many of the University Physicians cared for my husband. It is extremely generous of the University to allow us to use our sick leave for close family members. This benefit was a true blessing.”