Make the Most of UT Benefits

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Elizabeth Davis

After Elizabeth Davis gave birth to a baby girl in June, she had no stress about her job while she stayed at home on maternity leave.

Davis, media relations coordinator for the UT System, started maternity leave before her daughter, Meg, was born. Davis was able to use the annual leave and sick days she had been saving up to give her a total of 12 weeks off.

As a new parent, there were many things for Davis to worry about, but as an employee of UT, her job wasn’t one of them. Being able to support her family while she was on leave was a huge relief for Davis.

Davis realized how lucky she was when she met other mothers in a birth class who were only able to take three or four weeks off work. Davis admits that it is difficult to return no matter how long the leave is, but the fact that she had 12 weeks made it so much easier.

“Another thing I appreciated was how understanding my supervisors were throughout my pregnancy and leave,” Davis said. “UT is very flexible for employees who have families, and that makes it a great place to work.”