Only one performance review may be submitted per staff member. If an employee is evaluated by more than one supervisor, the supervisors must come to agreement on one overall score.

Performance Review Forms

The Performance Review Summary Form (PDF) (Word) is intended to serve for all staff members. A detailed explanation of the summary form’s components and instructions about how to use the form are included in the accompanying Performance Review Instruction Form (PDF). Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (click here to download).

However, if unit- or job-specific review forms are necessary to evaluate performance, alternate review forms can be utilized, but must use the same overall rating categories (“consistently exceeds expectations,” “fully achieves and occasionally exceeds expectations,” “fully achieves expectations,” “sometimes exceeds expectations” and “unsatisfactory/rarely achieves expectations”) and numerical evaluation system (5 to 25 points) as the above-referenced summary form.

Please review the Performance Management Guide Sheets for supervisors and employees. (PDF)

Unsatisfactory Performance

Overall performance ratings of 9 and below are considered unsatisfactory. These ratings align with the “unsatisfactory/rarely achieves expectations” category.

Ineligibility for Pay Increases

Staff members receiving unsatisfactory overall performance ratings of 9 or lower are ineligible for across-the-board pay increases. Also, staff on current written warning, final written warning or suspension without pay or employees who received a disciplinary demotion in the twelve months immediately preceding the effective date of the across-the board increase are ineligible until the disciplinary action is resolved. Approval by HR and campus/institute leaders is required to provide or withhold an across-the-board pay increase outside of these guidelines.

Required Signatures

Performance reviews require the combined signatures of the employee, the employee’s supervisor and the supervisor’s supervisor to ensure consistency and fairness. Performance review forms are not accepted until all three required signatures are included. This provision does not apply to the President, Vice Presidents and other executive-level supervisors who report directly to the President, Chancellors, and Vice Chancellors.

Required Performance Improvement Plan

Staff members who receive unsatisfactory overall performance ratings of 9 or lower are required to participate in a Performance Improvement Plan (PDF) (Word). A copy of this document should be submitted to HR along with the Summary Form. Performance improvement plans also are highly recommended for staff members who receive overall ratings of 10 to 14. These ratings align with the “sometimes achieves expectations” category.

The Performance Improvement Plan (PDF) (Word) is:

  1. Required for staff members who receive unsatisfactory overall performance ratings of 9 or lower on their performance reviews.
  2. Highly recommended for staff receiving a 10 to 14.
  3. Optional for staff receiving a 15 or above

Additional Optional Tools

Optional tools are available to help supervisors make informed decisions about performance. The optional tools explained below can be used at supervisors’ discretion to help in completing the performance review summary form and to address improvement needs.

The Optional Administrator, Supervisor or Peer Review Form (PDF) (Word) allows supervisors to collect feedback about an employee’s performance from those who work with the employee. The form should be completed at the supervisor’s request and returned to the supervisor.

The Optional Review Form for Employees with Supervisory Responsibilities (PDF) (Word) allows supervisors to evaluate an employee’s ability to lead others and/or manage a department.