Working at the University of Tennessee offers more than just a stable job.  As an employee at UT, you can:


Become part of the UT family

UT has a presence in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties, and employs more than 14,000 employees statewide.


Enroll in dozens of employee benefits

Most regular UT employees can enroll in benefits and insurances such as health, dental, retirement, life, disability, and many more.

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Get personal training and development

UT supports on-the-job learning opportunities, professional development and continued education of its employees with a wide variety of opportunities.

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Apply money toward retirement

UT offers employer 401(k) matching of up to $50 per month. Employees are given numerous options to save and are enrolled in one of two pension programs.



Enjoy generous amounts of paid time off

Salaried employees earn two vacation days a month, while hourly paid employees earn one day of vacation a month. Plus, UT offers numerous holidays and administrative closings throughout the year.

Paid Leave


Go to school for free

Employees can pursue degrees at UT without having to pay tuition fees. Dependents and spouses of UT employees can attend undergraduate credit courses at a discounted rate of 50 percent off the tuition cost.

Educational Assistance & Fee Waiver


Work in vibrant surroundings

The energy in higher education is inspiring and visible every day.


Attend educational, cultural, theatrical and sporting events for the whole family at discounted rates

Family-friendly events are held daily on each of UT’s campuses, and employees are often offered discounted admission.


Receive discounts from national companies

Partnerships with several national companies allow UT employees to apply discounts toward cell phone plans, travel expenses, rental cars, and many more purchases.

Employee Discounts


Take advantage of free counseling services

UT provides free, confidential assistance to help employees and their families resolve problems that influence their personal lives or job performance.

Employee Assistance Program