The Fall 2022 issue of For Your Benefit

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Greetings UT faculty and staff across the system!

In this issue, we will highlight the many facets of the Be One UT value of United and Connected.

Open Enrollment

Annual Enrollment for 2023 benefits will take place from Saturday, Oct. 1 to Friday, Oct. 14.

Benefit Improvements

Meet ALEX, the Virtual Benefits Counselor!

Why Stay at the UT System?

As the Great Resignation continues, it is paving the way for a new term: the “Great Regret.” Employees who impulsively left their current jobs to pursue new roles at different companies have come to regret their transitions.

The Power of Change

Change comes in many different shapes and sizes. While it is easier to embrace small changes every day, big changes leave us hesitant to take the plunge and fully embrace a new way of living.

Change is on the Horizon

UT’s current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—known throughout the university as IRIS—must be replaced.

Full Engagement Survey

Across the University of Tennessee System, we want to ensure that UT is a great place to work.

Storytelling and Collaborating

In August, UT Knoxville’s Office of Communications and Marketing hosted its annual campus-wide communications conference, CommuniCon.

The Addenda

UT Martin’s weekly newsletter, Addenda, has been communicating to more than 800 employees for more than 30 years.

Bringing UTC Research into the Marketplace

There is a channel for moving academic research into the commercial sphere thanks to a burgeoning partnership between UTC and UTRF.

Celebrating Milestones: UT Southern’s First Academic Year

UT Southern completed its first academic year as part of the UT family, hitting milestones and experiencing growth that positions the campus for exciting new possibilities.

IPS Partners With Campuses To Offer Academic Credit

IPS agencies’ mission is to provide technical consulting and training for cities and counties, state officials, law enforcement personnel and business and industry employees. However, its statewide collaborations do not stop there.

UTSI’s Summer Research Interns

The University of Tennessee Space Institute welcomed 23 undergraduate summer research interns this summer, with seven interns being UT Knoxville (UTK) students.

UTHSC, UTK Partner to Address Health Needs in East Tennessee

Collaborations between the UT Health Science Center and UT Knoxville aim to improve health care across Tennessee.

UTIA’s Statewide Impact

The reimagined UT Creamery on Neyland Drive in Knoxville and the Reaching Local Farms Initiative are two new collaborative initiatives of UTIA.

Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership

The NCEL promotes communication and fosters collaboration in every avenue possible. Most often, the NCEL uses the relationships it has already established with NCEL customers.

Executive Leadership Institute

The UT Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) was first inspired by the UT Board of Trustees’ call for succession planning for executive leadership.

For Your Benefit Word Search

Print out this issue’s Word Search and have fun finding the UT System’s values, locations and key phrases.

Be One UT Values

The Be One UT values were created—with faculty, staff and student input—to define what UT is and should strive toward in the next decade.

UT Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement (UT IDE) Strategic Alliance

Efforts to move the needle in the inclusion, diversity and engagement space requires that we seek the ongoing input of the varied voices and perspectives that are found on each of our campuses and institutes.

Get to Know EOD

The UT System Office of Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) embraces life-long learning and provides all employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Payroll, Benefits and Retirement

The UT System Payroll, Benefits and Retirement Office is proud to serve statewide employees of the University of Tennessee.

HROs Across the State of Tennessee

Meet the human resources officers who serve the University of Tennessee System around the state.