The successful candidate will possess significant senior leadership experience gained through roles such as a dean, associate dean, chief executive officer, associate vice chancellor, chancellor, or other substantive executive leadership role(s) in a major health science enterprise or institute that embraces clinical care, research, and health science education.

The position requires demonstrated leadership and abilities in the administration of medical and/or health programs, with substantive experience, preferably in a large public and/or land grant institution within a multi-campus system. Along with outstanding health sciences credentials, the position requires a terminal degree, including MD, DNP, PhD, DDS, PharmD, or equivalent health professions degree and evidence of national and international recognition of scholarship, medical or health education, and clinical practice achievements sufficient to qualify for tenure as a full professor and garner credibility locally, nationally and with current and prospective colleagues within the UT Health Science Center and UT System.

The successful candidate will possess a demonstrated commitment to UTHSC’s mission to improve the health and well-being of Tennesseans and the global community by fostering integrated, collaborative, and inclusive education, research, scientific discovery, clinical care, and public service. The candidate will have the experience and a clear vision to grow extramural federal, state, philanthropic and industry support for research and academic programs and will have experience working with clinical partners to build collaborative and high-quality clinical practice and training programs as well as the ability to advance interprofessional practice, educational, and research programs.

The successful candidate will have skill and experience communicating successfully in a complex environment with various internal and external constituencies, and a demonstrated history of a commitment to inclusion, diversity and engagement.

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