The search will take place on the following estimated timeline:

  • February: In a meeting that is open to the public, the University Board of Trustees will establish the search process, a timeline, and a statement of qualifications for the position. The Search Committee will be formed and appointed, along with the designated Search Committee Chair.
  • March: The Search Firm, along with members of the Search Committee will visit Martin and Knoxville to solicit input from key stakeholders.
  • March/April: The position profile will be finalized, recruitment advertisements will be posted, and the Search Firm will actively solicit candidates for the position. The Search Firm will provide regular updates to the Search Committee Chair.
  • May: The Search Committee will review applications, meet to identify the interview list, and conduct first round interviews with candidates.
  • June: Finalist(s) will be advanced by the search committee. Finalist(s) will visit campuses for further interviews and public forum(s). Records of the final candidate(s) will be made publicly available.
  • June: The finalist will be chosen, and the proposed terms of employment will be negotiated.
  • TBD: The Board of Trustees will vote to approve the individual to fill the position.