This online certificate program, with all-new SkillSoft content, provides an overview of teambuilding, focusing on essential skills used by leaders and managers. Content includes building the foundation of an effective team, establishing goals, encouraging team collaboration, handling team conflict, and building trust within teams.

Intended Audience

EOD certificate programs are offered only to UT employees.

This certificate program is designed to benefit various levels of supervisors and leaders whose jobs include building and managing a team. The online learning approach is suitable for those who have unpredictable work schedules or other time commitments that prevent them from attending in-person training.


Participants will be assigned 6 online courses (4 total credit hours).

     Course Title Credit Hours
Getting Started:
     Building the Foundation for an Effective Team 0.5
Team Goals & Feedback:
     Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities 1
Team Communication:
     Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration 0.5
Team Conflict Resolution:
     Handling Team Conflict 0.5
Setting up for Success:
     Developing a Successful Team 0.5
Building Trust:
     Leading Teams: Building Trust and Commitment 1

How to Enroll

Register for this certificate program in K@TE, the learning management system. Once you log in with your NetID and password:

  1. Search in the top right search bar: “Teambuilding 101 for Leaders.”
  2. Click “Request.”
  3. Once you open the curriculum inside your transcript, you will see a list of the courses.
  4. You will need to click “Launch” in the drop-down menu to the right in order to start the first course.
  5. New courses will become available for you to launch as you complete previous courses in the curriculum.

Please email with any questions.