May 22-23, 2024

UT System Administration HR, EOD presents the Conference for Women’s Leadership (CWL) to address the professional development needs of UT women. The conference provides sessions on topics relevant to women at varying stages on the leadership journey, from those who are emerging as leaders to women in advanced leadership roles.

The Conference for Women’s Leadership will explore the meaning of women’s leadership in our current higher education environment. We are duty-bound to prepare women who lead at all levels to learn, develop, and grow their leadership abilities. In our current environment, there are calls for persistent, tenacious, and resilient leadership. The 2024 CWL theme is Journey Together! This year’s event includes a disco.

This year’s conference includes 5 themed tracks that the sessions will be focused on: Well-being, Work Relationships, Invisible Work, Decision-making, and Executive Leadership.

Interested in a more detailed description of what these sessions will entail? Click here to learn more!

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Internal Price: $250

  • The Career Development Fund (CDF) provides the opportunity for non-exempt employees to participate in job- and career-related development activities. The fund will provide up to $150 per recipient during each fiscal year. Apply at least 3 weeks before the conference.

External Price: $350

  • Complete the external registration link above

Location:  UTHSC Student Alumni Center (SAC) 800 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38103

Agenda: CWL Agenda

Parking: Parking Map of UTHSC

Donations: Dorothy Day House

  • The Employee and Organizational Development team has strived to find new ways to give back to the local community. EOD has made a goal to partner with a local charity to support with the generous help from our conference guests. For CWL 2024, we have partnered with Dorothy Day House, a local temporary housing service for the unsheltered in Memphis. We will be accepting donations throughout the conference, looking for donation items listed here. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and we look forward to making a difference with you.

CWL Cancellation Guidelines


We would like to thank Fidelity Investments for sponsoring the 2024 Conference for Women’s Leadership.


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