Be One UT - Leadership Symposium

Be One UT Leadership Symposium

UT System HR Employee and Organizational Development presents the Be One UT Leadership Symposium. The Be One UT Leadership Symposium is a two-day system-wide conference designed to promote shared values across the system, build purpose, improve team cohesion, and create a sense of shared commitment in the workplace. We will spend time deepening our understanding of each value, promoting the impactful work happening across the state, and focusing on our well-being to ensure we are all working toward the same goals.

Leaders at all levels are welcome to register, including, but not limited to, deans, directors, department heads, other formal or informal leaders. The conference will have a symposium spotlight and gallery walk, self-care sessions, seven sessions relevant to the Be One UT values, and a reflection and application session. Breakfast and lunch are provided both days.

Be One UT Symposium Spotlight

Campus colleges, departments, units, teams, and organizations are encouraged to submit a proposal on how their campus college/department/unit/etc. is promoting and/or including the Be One UT values through their work. We welcome as many colleges/departments/units/teams/organizations to participate as possible. We want to share with everyone your ideas and innovation on how to Be One UT! Conference participants will participate in a Symposium Gallery Walk which will highlight all the wonderful ways our campuses and institutes are working to Be One UT.


Symposium Spotlight Proposal submissions will open to conference registrants when registration opens and may be submitted until registration closes. If your campus/department/unit submits a proposal, please be prepared to have at least one representative at the conference from those involved in the project. Submissions will be evaluated before the symposium, and the winner will be recognized by President Boyd on the morning of the first day during the Symposium Spotlight. The winning campus/department/unit will receive recognition for its success of exemplifying the Be One UT values.

Questions: Please send any questions or inquiries to Sarah Crichton, at