November 13-14, 2024

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UT System Administration HR Employee and Organizational Development is proud to host the annual Administrative Professionals Summit: A system-wide event designed for rigorous learning for administrative professionals from across the state.

This conference will provide professional growth and leadership development relative to the roles and responsibilities of administrative professionals. We appreciate your dedication to your professional development and growth. We look forward to hosting this annual event in Knoxville, TN for our administrative professionals!



Price: $250

The Career Development Fund (CDF) provides the opportunity for non-exempt employees to participate in job- and career-related development activities. The fund will provide up to $150 per recipient during each fiscal year. Apply at least 3 weeks prior to the conference.

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APS Cancellation Guidelines

Location: Crowne Plaza in Knoxville, TN


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Contact: Please send any questions or inquires to Sarah Crichton,

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