In support of a growth mindset, the Customer Relationship Management Certificate Program will equip UT faculty and staff to provide intuitive and engaging experiences for every customer. Learners will discover tools and insights to help create a meaningful customer experience as well as build and maintain successful customer relationships. This hybrid program offers a mix of live virtual and on-demand eLearning modules as well as reflection questions and a case study.

Intended Audience

EOD certificate programs are offered only to UT employees.

This certificate program is designed to benefit various levels of employees and supervisors whose jobs include any level of internal or external customer service. The online learning approach is suitable for those who have unpredictable work schedules or other time commitments that prevent them from attending in-person training.


The Customer Relationship Management Certificate Program is a cohort, meaning that upon registration, through collaborative learning the learner agrees to complete the program in its entirety:

  • 3 live sessions
  • 3 eLearning modules with reflection questions
  • Case study
  • Program survey

Completion expectation

Participants are expected to complete the certificate within the two month window of each program term.

     Course Title Credit Hours
Live Virtual Sessions (scheduled in ZOOM):
    Leadership Dynamics 2
    Inclusive Engagement 2
    Check Your Life: Be Limitless 2
eLearning Modules and reflection questions in K@TE (launch on-demand):
    Rapport Building in Customer Service 0.5
    Rapport Building in Customer Service Critical Reflection Activity 1
    Identifying & Managing Customer Expectations 1
    Identifying & Managing Customer Expectations Critical Reflection Activity 1
    Communicating Effectively with Customers 0.5
    Communicating Effectively with Customers Critical Reflection Activity 1
Case Study
    Customer Relationship Management Certificate Program: End of Program Case Study 1
    EOD Certificate Program Survey

How to Enroll

Register for this certificate program inĀ K@TE, the learning management system. Once you log in with your NetID and password:

  1. Search in the top right search bar: “Customer Relationship Management Certificate.”
  2. Click “Request.”
  3. Once you open the curriculum inside your transcript, you will see a list of the courses.
  4. You can begin the eLearning modules at any time. You will need to click “Launch” in the drop-down menu to the right of the title.
  5. Your registration email will include the ZOOM link for the live sessions.

Please email with any questions.